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Bird and Pest Control refers to the control and infestations of pests such as mice, rats, fleas, lice and some species of birds for example pigeons etc. Bird and pest control methods will vary depending on the type of pest or bird, and the magnitude of the problem. Bird control will often employ various scaring techniques, and these can include the use of noise and discouragement methods such as the use of falcons…

Falcons can help rid areas of unwanted seagulls, pigeons, geese and even ground birds such as lapwings and skylarks, and this is considered to be a non-lethal method of bird control. Pest control such as mice, rats and various insects, will often involve poison and insecticides, depending on the size of the infestation, although trapping and more humane killing methods are also employed, and sometimes wild pests such as squirrels are often set free back into their habitat. This service offers many solutions to these problems.

Because of human behaviour and human interaction with the environment, many pests have become a problem, and changing these actions can help reduce the problem of pests. For example ; feeding animals and birds such as seagulls at tourist locations can often result in a population explosion of that particular species. The animals or birds may become dependant on the food source, and in turn may become aggressive. A situation such as this can be easily modified by prohibiting the feeding of the appropriate species.

The use of chemical deterrents dates back over four thousand years, when the use of poisonous plants were used for pest control. Today the use of synthetic insecticides such as, herbicides and DDT are employed, and the control of pests with chemicals is still the most commonly employed method for pest control.

Keeping crops free from pests has always been problem for humanity, and pest control is as old as agriculture itself, and plants that compete with crops are also considered to be a big part of pest control concerns.

There are many types of pest control methods employed in dealing with the various pests, plants, insects, and animals, and some of these can include :

• Poisoned Bait
• Hunting
• Field Burning
• Elimination of Breeding Grounds
• Traps
• Poison Spray
• Sterilization and Destruction of Infected Plants

Some wildlife organizations will encourage some form of natural rodent control, by exclusion methods, and the introduction of natural predators.

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