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If you own a business in Long Island pest control is certainly one of your main concerns. No business can afford to have insects or rodents scampering around the premises while customers are present. For many commercial enterprises in Long Island pest control is not only the proper thing to do for employees and customers, but is mandated by law. Restaurants, health care facilities and spas are just three examples of where state and local health regulations must be adhered to in order to avoid costly fines or even more costly shut-down’s. So, how and where does a business find the best commercial pest control in Southern California?
Wheeler’s commercial pest control may be the solution. It is important that businesses work with an Long Island pest control company that is both experienced and reliable. Experience and reliable service are critical because it only takes one single pest event to ruin a company’s reputation or to get it into trouble with health authorities. Certain businesses, such as those that run warehouses, food storage, supermarkets and furniture stores can literally lose thousands of dollars if rodents or insects get into their products or food stuffs. Destruction and waste contamination can turn a profitable business into a disaster area in virtually no time at all. For this reason, it is imperative that businesses in Long Island find and use pest control companies that know what they are doing.
One issue often associated with commercial pest control that some businesses do not realize is that not seeing pests is no guarantee that pest are not on the property. Many of the most common pests found in Long Island avoid contact with humans whenever they can. They are experts at hiding in walls, under floors, in cellars and attics and within packaging of all types including cardboard boxes and crates. A good tip for any business is that if one pest is spotted, the chances that there are more pests within the property are greatly increased. This can be especially true for certain types of rodents and insects such as ants or roaches.
Again, employing the services of a professional commercial pest control company is the key to ridding the property of these problems. The main concern of a professional commercial pest control company will be to find the source of the infestation. This step is crucial to achieving success. Until the source is controlled, the problem is likely to persist, regardless of what actions are taken by the property owner. Finding the source of a pest infestation requires skill and expertise, which some Long Island pest control companies may not have.
Once the source is identified and located, it is equally important to employ pest control solutions that are not only effective in ridding the property of the pest but are also safe and legally approved. Again, working with a professional Long Island pest control company such as Wheeler’s Pest Control is the best option as this often brings about the most effective and economical solution.


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Rely Upon a Professional for Efficient Pest Control in Central Coast

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Article by Merlin Jonson

Your home is your biggest asset. Therefore, it’s no wonder that you would like everything in and around your home to be picture perfect. After all, it’s the place where you would want to relax and enjoy comfort living at best. However, pest infestation can turn your dream home to an odd place for living. So, what’s the solution? Professional residential pest control in Central Coast can help you recover your home to its original and best condition. Additionally, they also help protecting you and your family against all possible health dangers and the inconvenience that it causes to better living. With the professionals by your side, you can completely say forever goodbye to the problem of pests.

What more? You can be assured of receiving a service that offers a comprehensive protection against all kinds of pests. Whether, be it mice, rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, or termites, you can be assured of eliminating them all from in and around your house permanently. The professionals offering comprehensive residential pest control services also help you to conduct annual checks and inspection of your house and the surroundings. To ensure working with the best company, you must make it a point to conduct necessary research and background check of the company to be sure about the choice. A number of Central Coast pest control companies operate in the region making the choice tough for you.

How Does Professional Service Benefit the Homeowners?

Wondering as to how professional service cuts the edge when it comes to effective pest management services? Take a look at the following benefits:

High quality service – This is probably the biggest advantage that works in favor of professional services. Most of the top professionals are known for offering guaranteed service. With them by your side, you can be assured of enjoying quality service adhering to the highest standards. From using the best products to embracing the safest application methods, companies offering professional pest control in Central Coast ensure it all.

Use of Safe products – Another exclusive advantage of availing professional service is the safe application of the pest elimination products. The specialized companies ensure using the safest products in the market for getting rid of the pests permanently. Moreover, they are also equipped with the knowledge of right application of the products. With the professionals by your side, you can be sure of dealing with the pests safely.

If you wish to embrace the best and the safest methods of eliminating the pests permanently from your house, always rely upon professional and specialized Central Coast pest control.

Why is it Essential to Take up Residential Pest Control?

Living life with pests is certainly not what you wished for while moving into the new home. While some pests cause nothing, but irritation, some others can pose significant health risks and even damage the house significantly. Taking up professional service helps you to protect your house from such damages thereby, reducing the home repairing costs. Additionally, they also restrict the spread of disease by permanently getting rid of the menace. Professional pest control in Central Coast also facilitates comfort living. Always remember that delaying residential pest control can pose serious consequences for you.

About the Author

M. Jonson, a professional blogger on pest control explains the need of taking up professional residential pest control in Central Coast. He also advises on the benefits of relying upon such kind of professional service and how it helps keeping you and your house safe.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

M. Jonson, a professional blogger on pest control explains the need of taking up professional residential pest control in Central Coast. He also advises on the benefits of relying upon such kind of professional service and how it helps keeping you and your house safe.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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The Notion Business Coaching Team celebrate the opening of their Shanghai office on the other side of the world!

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Leamington Spa, Warwickshire (PRWEB UK) 31 May 2015

In 2013 we established our Global Business Coaching HQ in Leamington Spa, and since then our feet havent really touched the ground, explains Dominic Ashley-Timms, Managing Director of Notion. Weve more than doubled our team to service the increase in demand for our services – changing the culture within organisations and teaching leaders and managers how to adapt their management at a fast pace to be able to operate within the global economy. Nowhere is this more relevant than in SE Asia, where weve already worked in 5 countries, so when Helen said she was up for the challenge to help us build our office in Shanghai, we were delighted!

As for Helen herself, shes been actively preparing for her move to China – Im really looking forward to working in a new culture and supporting some of our international clients locally, said Helen, although she also admitted that, despite the move, some things wont change Im a massive rugby fan and support the Wasps so Ive already managed to build a connection with the Shanghai Rugby Club she explained, and Ive also been stockpiling Maltesers and Marmite which you cant seem to get out there!

We wish Notion, and Helen in particular, all the best in her new adventure.

Notes to editor:

Notion Ltd. provides a range of Executive Coaching, Coach Training and Cultural Change services to help organisations to develop a more engaging and productive style of leadership and management at all levels within their organisation. Growing at 50% per year, our first office in China is part of an overall growth strategy which will see us grow into the US, China and India over the next five years.

Notions Global HQ is based at 12 Hamilton Terrace, Leamington Spa.

Contact for more information: Julia Robinson 01926-889885

ANT Technology Incorporated in Second Generation WASP Bridge Products

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Cochrane, Alberta (PRWEB) June 02, 2015

ANT Wireless, proven innovator in ultra-low power (ULP) wireless technology, highlights North Pole Engineerings (NPE) announcement of three next generation WASP bridge products utilizing ANT Wireless technologies: WASP-N, WASP-PoE-2 and WASP-PoE-3. WASP is a standalone ANT (covering ANT, ANT+ and ANT-FS) and Bluetooth Smart

Bird B Gone Now Offers an Affordable, Effective & Humane Bird Hazing Deterrent System

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Bird B Gone Bird Hazer Kit comes with 3 or 6 Satellite Drops

Bird B Gone, the leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications is now offering a bird hazing system that unites a number of important features in an easy-to-use pest bird repellent system, one thats affordable, effective and humane; finally a bird hazing system that works.

Proven to disperse pest birds where other methods of bird control may be ineffective or impractical, Bird B Gones bird-hazing system efficiently deploys a light vapor of EcoBird 4.0. This indoor/outdoor bird repellent is made with Methyl Anthranilate, a non-toxic, EPA approved food-grade ingredient. The active ingredient irritates a birds mucous membranes. When pest birds fly through the fine vapor, they find the sensation unpleasant and will subsequently avoid the area. The effect is temporary and will not harm the birds.

The Bird B Gone

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