Senske Services Alerts Homeowners to Possible Tree Damage From Last Year’s Polar Vortex

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Kennewick, WA (PRWEB) June 11, 2015

The polar vortex that pushed into the United States last November left its mark beyond just the frigid cold experienced, as now with the weather warming, the possible damage caused to the landscape is coming to surface, specifically in the trees surrounding the homeowners’ property. Senske Services is advising homeowners to pay special attention to the trees located on their property, especially those in areas that were harder hit with the flash freeze.

The extreme change in weather last year directly affected how trees prepare for the cold winter months. Naturally, as the weather begins to cool, the trees start to prepare for the winter by losing their leaves and then gradually begin to adjust to the cooler temperatures. This process is referred to as “hardening off”, and when trees do not have the opportunity to harden off, they are unable to protect themselves, and become vulnerable to the cold winter months.

The extent of the damages to the trees may or may not be immediately noticeable and hiring a professional arborist to come and make an assessment is strongly recommended in order to protect these valuable assets on your property. Senske Services have ISA Certified Arborists on staff with the experience and training required to diagnose and development treatment plans to care for your trees and shrubs. Contact Senske Services today to have one of their certified arborists come out for a free professional assessment and estimate.

About Senske Services:

Senske Services, Inc. is a leading lawn, tree and pest control service provider that is locally owned and operated, with its corporate office based in Kennewick, Washington. It has been a trusted source of lawn, tree and pest control services since 1947 across Eastern Washington, Idaho, and Utah, as well as pest control in Las Vegas, Nevada. To see what Senske Services can do for you, visit

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Pepper Sprays – Bear Repellent Spray is Legal

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Pepper Sprays in New York? How About a Bear Repellent Spray?

In most of the fifty United States it is completely legal to own, carry, and use a pepper spray for self defense. In just a limited few states, cities, or counties, there are certain restrictions as to what formula or strength is used or where these products may be purchased. Why, in America, “Land of the Free” and “Home of the Brave,” is there a restriction on something such as this? Well, there is no law about having camping, fishing, or hunting supplies, and depending on where you go camping, fishing or hunting, you will have to beware of bears! It is a good idea to be prepared with something to scare them away!

Guard Alaska Bear Repellent is a super hot pepper spray that will chase away the biggest, “baddest” bear that you can be faced with. This spray is proven to be so effective at repelling bears that it is the only bear repellent registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a repellent for all species of bears. When you are out in the wilderness camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or whatever else you may be doing, and a bear comes along, he won’t be adorable like “Yogi,” he will be ready, possibly, to interrupt your day and your plans.

This Guard Alaska Bear Spray is completely safe for the environment, will not harm the ozone layer, it’s not flammable, and it will ONLY cause the bear a temporary bit of discomfort, just as a normal pepper spray will only affect a human being for twenty or thirty minutes. Now, a normal pepper spray will shoot a stream about 6 to 8 feet depending on the size and model, but this bear repellent will shoot 15 to 20 feet and comes in a 9 ounce can that is nearly nine inches tall by two inches in diameter. The product is also proven to be superior, scientifically speaking, and is endorsed by the Alaska Science & Technology Foundation.

Guard Alaska Bear Repellent Spray is probably NOT on the shelves of your local grocery store, convenience store, or even department store, but you can obtain it (for your next camping trip) at an online store that handles self defense and personal protection items.

Between now and your next trip into the wild, it will be a sorry scene for anyone that tries to mess with you, if this thing “happens” to be in your car!

Personal Security products for Home, Office, Business, Schools

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