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Steps to keep your pool free of biting bugs and wasps

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When your family is around the swimming pool, the last thing you want to worry about is getting stung by bees, yellow jackets, hornets or wasps. Because there is food and sweet, sugary drinks around most pool decks, wasps are drawn to it. Additionally, even the wood the deck is made from can attract bees that burrow into the wood itself. It’s best to divert wasps and keep them away from the pool than to have to worry about anyone being stung and having to deal with an infestation. Here are some tips to keep your pool bee free:  Keep food and drink and spills to a minimum. If there is a spill or a pool of melted popsicle, clean it up, rinse the area and clean with a bit of soap to make it unattractive to the stinging insects. If you find wasps hovering around the swimming pool, find the source and determine what kind of bees you are dealing with. Hornets make bubble shaped nests and they are attached to the sides of trees or buildings – such as your deck. Paper wasps build fun ...

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