Wasps Nest Removal: Home Made Remedies

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Wasps are known to create havoc mostly in the urban areas where they build nests in the corners of roofs, attics, walls etc. These insects are found in different shapes, sizes and behavior. Some of the species are considered to be very harmful, and their stings cause painful swelling, and skin allergies in some cases. Hence it makes sense to get wasps nest removal done before it poses any threat to your family. There are several home remedies and professional treatments available for eradicating the nests.

Trap and kill them:

If you have wasp nests around your property, you must first prevent them from entering inside your home. Trapping the insects is one of the most effective methods known. With the help of discarded materials, you can easily trap these little devils. These insects have an affinity towards sweet foods so you can use them as your bait. Fill up an old container with fruit juice and place a piece of raw meat inside it. Now keep this in the garden for the insects to get attracted.

The odor emitting from the juice and meat will attract the insects instantly. As soon as they enter the container, they will get drowned into it, and eventually die. You can select the size of the container depending on your requirement. For achieving the best results, keep changing the liquid used as the bait. This works as an effective home remedy to kill the insects.

Home made remedies:

The nests are usually made of wood fiber, hence many people attempt burning or flooding them. However, this will only make the insects more aggravated, and they make attack you. When planning to carry out nest removal at home, there are two common methods that you can apply – ground wasps nest removal process and the aerial wasps nest removal process.

In either case, you must take all safety measure to protect yourself from the deadly stings. Furthermore, always attempt removing the nests during the dark when the insects are drowsy.

When the nest is at the ground level, you can consider pouring a solution of soap and water into the nest. This will wipe out the ground nest. After this, you must seal the entrance properly with heaps of soils to make sure that the remaining insects die out eventually. The aerial nests can be found in trees or under the eaves. To remove the aerial wasps nest, you must ask your helper to carry a large plastic bag or box just underneath the nest. Carefully cut the stem of the nest to completely separate it from the point of attachment, and trap in inside the bag. Now, immerse the bag into a tub or water and then place it inside a freezer to kill all insects effectively.

However, the above mentioned wasps nest removal methods should be carried out only if you and your helper have the required experience. Otherwise, it is recommended that you call a professional to eliminate it effectively.

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