What kind of repellent can I get to have wasps stay away from me?

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Question by bob: What kind of repellent can I get to have wasps stay away from me?
I have Spheksophobia, meaning I have a great fear of wasps. Is there a repellent I can get to keep them away? Does normal insect repellent work? Do you have any other advice to get over this fear?

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Answer by Frank
I have the same fear! Off insect repellent normally works most of the time. If you are looking to get rid of wasps from a certain area, try raid insect repellent for hornets and wasps. Retailers sell off clip-on repellents. I’ve tried them before and they do keep all kinds of bugs away. There are many different brands of the same quality repellents, but, it’s up to you which one you prefer. I hope this helped!!

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  • chris w


    repellents like “off” do not work on wasps. Wasps are attracted to sweets food stuffs and open wounds. Keep a clean camp site, avoid sodas and cover wounds. Do not swat at wasps leave them alone they will leave you alone. If you can locate the wasp nest the best time to spray wasp killer on it is in the evening. You can also make or get wasp traps that lure and kill wasps out and away from your outdoor activity.


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